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Pak Fab

Our Vision

To offer our cherished customers cutting-edge solutions at the best possible price as the leading organization in the PEB Sector.

Our Mission

To deliver world-class steel building solutions to our clients while focusing on continuous process improvement in line with shifting global standards and employee motivation, utilizing cutting-edge technology, upholding the highest standards of work ethics, and adhering to best practices in the sector

Pak Fab

About Pak Fab

Our primary goal at Pak Fab (Pvt) Ltd. is to provide steel structures that are strong, reasonably priced, and adaptable enough to meet the needs of our cherished clients. Our customers are our top priority, therefore we made it clear. Future inhabitants and owners of each building are considered when we design, manufacture, and erect them. In recognition of the exceptional qualities and properties that pre-engineered buildings possess, Pak Fab (Pvt.) Ltd was established. Pre-engineered buildings are now more in demand in Pakistan as a result of these benefits. By offering sturdy, reasonably priced, and adaptable steel constructions, Pak Fab (Pvt) Ltd aims to gather and meet the needs of its cherished clients.

We take the needs and comfort of upcoming inhabitants and owners very seriously when designing, developing, and erecting our structures. We are a diverse firm with expertise in a variety of cutting-edge building methods combined with cost-effective building approaches. To our credit, we have completed numerous sizable infrastructure projects as well as industrial, commercial, educational, and other development projects.

The organization was established with the noteworthy qualities that Pre-Engineered Buildings include in mind. Pre-engineered buildings are becoming in demand in Pakistan as a result of these characteristics. In order to offer consumers unrivalled quality and service, we have trained and equipped our specialists to think creatively, develop, and contribute to making the most of this promising building system. While taking into consideration and upholding societal standards, we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Pak Fab
Pak Fab

You have a Reason

Why Choose Us?

Lower Cost

Systems thinking results in significant cost savings in design, manufacture, and on-site erection. The cost of shipping is reduce by how the secondary parts and cladding nest.

Quality Assurance

Building quality is guaranteed because everything is made entirely in a factory under carefully monitor conditions.

Low Maintenance

Buildings are provide with top-notch paint systems for the steel and cladding that are tailor to the local environment, resulting in long durability and low maintenance costs.

Extra Large Spans

Clear spans can offer for buildings.

Expansion Flexibility

By adding more bays, a building’s length can simply increase. By anticipating expansion, it is also feasible to expand in breadth and height.

Architectural Versatility

Buildings are construct to accommodate pre-cast concrete wall panels, curtain walls, block walls, and other wall systems and are available with a variety of fascias, canopies, and curve eaves.

Reduce Construction Time

After the blueprints are approve, buildings are normally produce in a matter of weeks. For site-bolting, the foundation and anchor bolts have parallel-cast and are ready.

Single Source Responsibility

The compatibility of all the building parts and accessories ensure by the fact that a single vendor provides the entire building package. One of the main advantages of pre-engineered construction systems is this.

Energy Efficient Roofing and Wall System

To attain the necessary “U” values, buildings may equip with fiberglass blankets or polyurethane insulated panels.