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Fabrication of Steel Structures Buildings

Pak Fab, carries out a total of 11 manufacturing procedures for fabrication of steel structures. Finally, the following production procedures are carried out in the fabrication shop:

  • Cutting
  • Fitting
  • Welding
  • Cleaning
  • Painting

The five procedures are carried out in various ways (depending upon the nature of the job and customer needs) for the fabrication of steel structures. Additionally, the production facility offers storage space for both raw materials and finished goods.


Cutting is the first of the five manufacturing processes. Furthermore, Pak Fab has segmented the cutting procedure into 4 distinct parts:

  • CNC Flame Cutting
  • Shearing
  • Plasma Torch Cutting
  • Drilling/Punching


Fitting is the second of the five production processes. Further, Pak Fab has segmented the fitting procedure into 3 distinct parts:

  • Fitting of Flanges
  • Fitting of I-Beam
  • Fitting for Clips and Plates


The pieces proceed to the welding process when the fit-up phase is finished. Although, based on the needs of the project, Pak Fab has divided the welding process into three distinct sections:

  • Electric Arc Welding
  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding CO₂
  • Welding SAW


Cleaning is the fourth procedure in the production of primary members. Moreover, Pak Fab uses three alternative cleaning techniques, based on the requirements of the customer, the workload, and the project’s budget. These three types are:

  • Shot Blasting
  • Sand Blasting
  • Power Brushes


Painting the primary members completes the production process (for the fabrication of primary members). The MS Pieces are prepare for painting once the Quality Control section has given its approval. Although, depending on the needs of the customer, either a layer of grey epoxy or red oxide enamel apply to the MS Pieces. Following the installation of the MS Pieces at the Site, the final coat (if cover by Pak Fab) is apply. By doing this, any potential for rework that might arise from painting the MS Pieces at Pak Fab manufacturing facility before shipping them to the customer’s site avoid.