Street Light Poles Manufacturer and Supplier in Pakistan

We produce and supply street lighting poles in Pakistan. CCTV cameras, tubular street pole accessories, hot-dip galvanised and painted tubular octagonal and conical with J bolts, and comprehensive solution at entire sale price. The entire solution for the GDR fire and gas detector motor control station LCS pole is a tubular, octagonal, and conical structure that has been hot-dip galvanised and painted.

Street light poles are the building blocks of street lighting, and their applications range from providing enough lighting to enhancing metropolitan environments. To provide a more unified and recognisable appearance, planners choose street light shaft structures that blend with contemporary cityscapes. We provide a variety of street light pole types, including Octagonal Poles, Swagged Poles, and Decorative Poles, in a range of mounting heights.

Why Pak Fab for Pakistani street light poles?

One of Pakistan’s leading street light pole suppliers, Pak Fab, has a sales office in Lahore and another in Karachi. In Pakistan, including Lahore, Multan, Islamabad, Karachi, and Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, we flexibly install street light poles.

We also try custom design work for street light poles manufacturer in Pakistan, and we also serve as Lahore’s one-stop shop for the full range of a street light pole.

For Pakistani street light poles, only trust Pak Fab.

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Poles for Solar Panel Structures in Pakistan

A profile was developed at rolling forming for the cost-effective support frame and poles for solar panel structures in Pakistan, as well as other solar-related accessories. We are the solar street light pole manufacturer in Pakistan.

Solar Lights
Solar Light


Anchor Bolts
Anchor Bolt
Anchor Bolts Poll

Anchor Bolts

Typically, circular bars with a diameter ranging from 14 to 32 mm are used to make anchor bolts. It might be offered in J, 1 and L varieties.

anchor bolt
anchor bolt
Anchor Bolt
Serial No Thread Size Length Thread Length
1 3mm 60 120
2 4mm 60 120
3 5mm 60 140
4 6mm 65 140
5 7mm 80 180
6 8mm 85 180
7 9mm 90 200
8 10mm 95 200
9 11mm 100 220
10 12mm 100 220

Street Light Canonical Poles

Canonical Pole
Canonical Pole
Canonical Pole
Canonical Pole

Street Light Octagonal Poles

Octagonal Pole

Street Light Tubular Poles Manufacturer in Pakistan

Tubular Light Pole
Tubular Light Pole
Tubular Light Pole
Tubular Light Pole

Pole Detail Sketch

Pole Sketch