We are the market leader in the manufacturing of Cold Storage Manufacturer in Pakistan. We began cold storage manufacturing on current and most recent advancements in 2005 in Pakistan.

Thanks to our rapid production techniques and integrate operational systems, we can deliver projects of any size and capacity in the shortest amount of time with the highest standards even though we have full in-house manufacture, installation, and design team.

Special attention pay throughout design and production to the system’s efficiency as well as the equipment’s overall lifecycle. Our large local and international clientele are pleased with the optimize solution that results.

Insulation Material Use By Cold Storage Manufacturers in Pakistan

The insulation of the cold store affects how efficiently it operates. Being the first manufacturer of PU sandwich panels in Pakistan. We have amassed an extensive understanding of prefabricated sandwich panel systems. Our market-leading panels have the best performance and are appropriate for use up to -40′ Celcius.

Insulation panels made of PU/PIR composite materials are use in prefabricated buildings. It constructs of two metal sheets and a stiff core. Polyurethane, which is renown for having high heat insulation capabilities, makes up the hardcore. The most popular type of insulation for chilly rooms and energy-efficient buildings is polyurethane. Sandwich panel walls, a sandwich panel roof, and a sandwich panel floor make up typical construction.

The best sandwich panel for hygienic conditions is PU. The panel complies with all HACCP and global requirements for the handling, processing, and storage of food. Due to this, PU sandwich panel rooms are the best option for the cold storage of meat, fruits, vegetables, medicines, and vaccines. The panel’s slick surface texture inhibits bacterial development and makes cleaning it simple. Air leaks are prevented by the panels’ total waterproofness and air tightness.

Insulating Sandwich Panels


System for Refrigerating Use by Cold Storage Manufacturer in Pakistan

Split-type refrigeration systems are use to cool cold rooms. There are indoor and outdoor components to it. Cooling system design and production are the main specialties. The system create with particular attention pay to the Pakistani context. Compare to Chinese or Italian units, our system performs better and provides much greater performance. The most modern, highest-efficiency compressors in the world are used in our units.

Our systems have safeguards built in to guard against erratic electric supply. The condensing coil is constructed of thick, pure copper tubes, increasing heat transfer and reducing leaks. A subcooler system includes with every refrigeration condensing unit to boost efficiency. Models of Refrigeration Condensers range in horsepower from 0.5 to 80.

Applications of Cold Storages in Pakistan

Cold stores are typically use for the secure storage of things that require a specific temperature, such as fresh produce, dairy products, meat and poultry, and medicines. From temperature control to blast freezing and blast storage, applications range widely.

We possesses a team of skilled engineers who can create cold storages to fit the needs of pertinent applications of any size, big or small. Depending on the needs, we can build a tiny cold storage or a micro cold storage.

Cold Storages for Fruits & Vegetables, Including Pulp Cold Storage Manufacturer , Date Cold Storage Manufacturer, Potato Cold Storage Manufacturer, and Egg Cold Storage Manufacturer in Pakistan

Fruits and vegetables are fragile and need to be handled carefully to keep their flavour and freshness. The cautious temperature control and considerate product handling during chilling or freezing should not left to chance for this reason. Fruits and vegetables are preserve in peak condition and kept fresh for longer by Refrigeration in preparation for shipment.

In order to preserve the greatest degree of product quality, we also offer systems to control humidity, CO2 and ethylene levels in a storage.

Meat and Poultry Cold Storage

Following the slaughter, the Cold Chain starts to preserve the meat’s quality and freshness. Marketing to consumers requires the efficient cooling and freezing of meat and poultry. Additionally, Refrigeration makes sure the cooling system is cost-effective and energy-efficient while yet providing excellent performance. For every type of meat and poultry, our skilled engineers determine the best refrigeration technology.


Meat and Poultry Cold Storage Manufacturer in Pakistan

Ice Cream Cold Storage 

The product most susceptible to temperature is ice cream. It has a temperature of -5°C when it produces from a continuous freezer. The temperatures need to lower as soon as possible to below -18°C.

This is carry out at -45°C in a spiral freezer or hardening chamber. If the temperature not immediately lower, the texture of the ice cream will lost, which will cause crystals to form. Ice cream that has cool down keep in a cold store at -22°C. To preserve the highest level of ice cream quality and texture, we provide comprehensive ice cream freezing and storage solutions.

Ice Cream Cold Container