How do LED Street Lights work?

The LED light fixture use for street lights is known as an LED street light or road light. The advantages of LED street lighting include strong illumination, good uniformity, and a long lifespan, making them suit for all outdoor street and road lighting, including motorway and pavement lighting, which are mostly use for walkers and non-motorized vehicles. The safety of both pedestrians and automobiles can increase and traffic accidents can decrease with LED street lighting. We are the best street light manufacturer in all across Pakistan.

The Crucial Components of an LED Street Lights

A typical LED street light is made up of a lamp body, a driver, LED chips, optical parts, and a lamp arm. Because LED street lights are used outside, the environment is more complex and contains more corrosive elements and dust. However, to handle challenging road settings, LED streetlights must have a high IP rating. The lamp body, optical components, and lamp arm of an LED street light are specially designed as compared to other LED lighting systems.

A benefit of LED Street Lighting

High-pressure sodium lamps make up the majority of conventional street lights. LED street lights have clear advantages over conventional street lights.

Efficiency of Lighting

Up to 45% to 55% of the light produced by high-pressure sodium lighting waste. Additionally, since LED light is directional, even when using a secondary optical design, 85% of the luminous flux still reaches the road, making LED light more efficient than high-pressure sodium light in terms of lighting.

Additionally, compared to LED street lights, high-pressure sodium lighting typically has a light efficiency of roughly 100lm/W as opposed to 120lm/W to 140lm/W. High-pressure sodium lighting requires 220 watts to provide the 12000 lm of luminous flux needed on the road, however LED lighting only requires 120 watts, which can save a significant amount of energy.

CRI(Color Rendering Index)

High-pressure sodium light has a CRI of Ra2333, which results in subpar color reproduction of objects and makes it difficult for drivers and pedestrians to determine the state of the roads with accuracy. Since LED light often has a CRI higher than Ra75, targets can more easily identify by both drivers and pedestrians since the color of the light object appears more vivid and lifelike. The appearance of the road will bright and more welcoming, increasing the level of road safety.

CCT(Correlated Color Temperature)

High-pressure sodium lighting has a CCT ranging from 2300K to 3200K. Yellow, which is conducive to a hypnotic state of mind, is relatively concentrated in the spectrum. The CCT range for LED lighting is 2700K–5700K. To protect the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, you can select the proper color temperature based on the requirements of various road settings.

Distribution of Light

The LED street light’s secondary optical design allows for the control of light dispersion. The symmetrical batwing distribution reduces the zebra effect on the road and enhances illumination uniformity and average street light intensity.


High-pressure sodium lighting has a lifespan of roughly 20,000 hours, and there is significant light decay. Light degradation is 30% after 1,000 hours of operation. The light decay will cause a sharp reduction in ground illumination. It needs to be replaced frequently to stay bright. While the TM-21 L70 LED street light has a 100,000-hour lifespan, it may offer durable and bright lighting. Lower maintenance and replacement expenses are another benefit of a longer lifespan.

Installing LED Street Lighting

Pole installation, wall installation, and hanging installation are the usual ways to install LED streetlights. Various installation techniques may chose base on various circumstances. The safety of the lighting fixtures and ensuring that the illumination complies with local lighting requirements are of utmost importance. Pak fab solar street light manufacturer also provides service of solar street lights installation.

The Sophisticated Control Features

Automatic switching, brightness adjustment, and PIR detection are some of the intelligent control features of LED streetlights that can help save energy and lessen light pollution and waste.

The use of LED Street Lighting

Urban roads can split into two categories: pavement and highways, depending on the purpose for which they are using. Expressways and tertiary roads, such as main roads, collector roads, and local roads, are two categories of the highway.

LED Solar Street Lights Manufacturer

The street light that produces electricity using solar energy is a solar LED street light. Compared to standard LED street lighting, it is more energy-efficient and environmentally beneficial. However, because of the generation efficiency restriction, solar LED street lights often have low wattages, making them better suited for regional road lighting.
Both solar panel separated LED street lights and solar panel-integrated LED street lights are types of solar LED street lighting.

Although the installation of solar panel-separate street lights is challenging. The solar panels can angle to better capture sun energy in various locations. The solar street light with a separate panel may have higher power than the solar street light with an integrate panel. Solar cell Although integrate street light is simple to install. However, it typically has lower power than solar panel-separate lighting. Moreover, which is better suite for pathways, sidewalks, and paths. Pak fab also manufacturer of solar street light in Pakistan.

Pak Fab Led Street Light Manufacturer

Originally intended to use for lighting public roads and highways. LED street lights are now also use in gardens, parks, and private property. They represent a brand-new, enhanced generation of street lamps. By being a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient product that can survive various weather conditions and the test of time. However, our LED street light sets itself apart from its rivals. One of the top producers of contemporary street lights, Lena Lighting offers a wide selection of luminaires chosen especially for metropolitan settings. We offer solutions for industrial, residential, and commercial projects with our LED public luminaires. If you want to illuminate sidewalks, local roads, bike lanes, alleys, pavements, parking lots, or public spaces, we can help you with that.

Our LED streetlights can use in both urban and suburban settings for practical purposes. Lena Lighting’s street lights are known for their energy efficiency, simplicity of maintenance, and visual comfort. Our company has decades of experience in the field, so you can be confident in the high quality and dependability of our LED street lighting solutions. We take satisfaction in the fact that your neighborhood is safer thanks to our LED street lighting.

To provide excellent lighting in public areas, LED is the street luminaire of the future. Its usefulness, energy-saving attributes, and lengthy product lifespan speak for themselves. Traditional street lights as we know them are a thing of the past. So get in touch with us and enquire about our LED street lighting offer if you want to stay ahead of the curve. All of your inquiries regarding LED street lighting produced by Pak Fab Lights will address by our sales department at 0306-7522220. Feel free to contact us we are the leading street light manufacturer.