Glass Wool Sheets

The soft materials used to make these glass wool blankets are wonderfully calming to the skin. These are fantastic in any weather, but particularly in the winter. Glass wool sheets are currently used in many modern skylines. These glass wool blankets come in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, linen, plush, and flannel. These products are fantastic for comfort, but they also function as ornamental accents that lift the design of the room and give it a certain character. Both handmade and machine-made glass wool blankets are available. Buy inexpensive glass wool sheets right away! Purchase glass wool sheets from trustworthy distributors.


Glass Wool Insulation Sheets are available as glasswool rolls or sheets, making a wide variety of industrial and commercial insulation applications possible. Because of its superior thermal and acoustic qualities.

Application of Glass Wool Sheets

It is perfect for lining sheet metal ducting. Storage tanks, process vessels, appliance cabinets, electrostatic precipitators, plant rooms, and the creation of acoustic barriers are a few additional applications for Glass Wool Sheets that are advise. Both flat and curved surfaces can accommodate by the device. Also perfect for curtain walling and spandrel panels is glasswool 32KG. Unfaced Glass wool sheets is excellent for a wider range of applications because it may be face in a variety of ways.


The Heavy Duty Perforated (HDP) Foil Facing ensures the duct lining’s long-term endurance. This face option is frequently utilized in typical air-conditioning ducts in general business and residential applications and offers excellent acoustic performance.

Black Matt Tissue

A non-woven black fibreglass face called Black Matt Tissue has good acoustic qualities and resists fibre degradation.

Black Durasorb

Boxes for cushions are typically lined with black Durasorb. In applications where high endurance is require. Moreover, this facing option offers excellent acoustic benefits. When put through testing according to Building Code Specification A2.4, it also receives a Group 1 rating (facing to glasswool sheets).


In order to prevent fibre degradation and retain acceptable acoustic performance, mylar or melinex is a thin (23mm) translucent film that is frequently employ under perforate foil or perforate metal.

Aluminium Foil Tri-laminate

A vapour barrier is often require in applications where aluminium foil tri-laminate (AFT) Facing is use. This facing option provides ease of cleanability.

Benefits of Glass Wool Sheets

Thermal Conductivity

According to AS/NZS 4859.1, the Glass Wool Sheets material R-value calculate. Glass wool Sheets has a thermal conductivity of 0.033 at a mean temperature* of 23 °C.

Maximum Temperature for Service

Glass Wool Insulation can withstand temperatures up to 340oC during service. The temperature tolerance of the facing glue restricts the surface temperature of the faced at the application site to 70oC.

Green Star Certified

In the creation of its Glass wool Bio-Soluble Insulation and reflective foil products, Pak Fab stays away from compounds that have an Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP). When Pak Fab products are use, both the usage of Zero ODP insulation and the prevention of the discharge of any hazardous amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are guaranteed. This permits the use of environmentally friendly insulation while preserving interior air quality.

Absorbing Moisture

To achieve maximum performance and avoid harm to other construction components, Glasswool 32KG should be dry before installation in the event that it gets wet. When expose for four days to climatic conditions of 50 C and 95% relative humidity, Glass wool Sheets absorbs less than 0.2% moisture by volume.


British Standard 3958 testing yields a pH9 rating for Pak Fab glass wool insulation sheets products (pH7 is neutral). As long as the insulation shield from outside contaminants. Also, it won’t encourage or speed up the corrosion of steel or galvanized steel studs.





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