A skylight, also known as a rooflight, is a light-allowing window or structure that forms all or a portion of a building’s roof space for daylighting and ventilation reasons. It is typically made of transparent or translucent glass.


We think that houses with lots of light also have lots of vitality. Our skylights assist in bringing the outdoors in, providing your family with a brighter house, unsurpassed quality, and stunning outcomes. We offer all the information and skylight alternatives you require to choose the option that is best for your house. Find a local skylight installer when you’re ready to add more natural light and fresh air from above.

Types of Sky Lights

Sun Tunnel SkyLights

Light up each room in your house. Even the rooms in the middle of your house should have enough of natural light. The Sun Tunnel Skylight is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to add natural light to your home. Because, it can install in an afternoon, unlike traditional windows.

A Sun Tunnel Skylight is an affordable solution to add natural light to spaces that need to appear brighter and more colourful. Their prefabricated light tube makes them quick and simple to install, and their low-profile form gives any roofline a streamlined appearance. Additionally, they have a 20-year tube warranty.

Flexible Sun Tunnel Skylights

flexible sun tunnel sunlight

When installing around obstacles inside the loft space, flexible tubes are advised. Due to the material’s flexibility, they are the product that instals the simplest.

  • Excellent installation simplicity and speed
  • Easily bends around obstacles in attics
  • Helps in the short run to diffuse sunlight
  • The best choice for shorter tunnel runs
Rigid Sun Tunnels SkyLights

Rigid Sun Tunnel SkyLights

Although they can be slightly manipulated, rigid tubes are advised when there is a direct, unhindered passage from the roof to the ceiling.

  • Easy and quick tube assembly with Flexi Loc tube systems
  • A whiter, brighter light
  • Fantastic for long runs

Roof Windows

Roof Window with a Top Hinge

top hinge roof window

While enhancing your energy efficiency and natural ventilation, take in the panoramic vistas. Increase the quantity of daylight that enters your rooms significantly. Convenient bottom operation makes it the ideal option for loft conversions with easily accessible windows.

Center Pivoting Roof Window

center pivot roof window

GGU roof windows can only be ordered specifically. Even with furnishings positioned beneath the roof window, it is convenient.
With the top control bar, it is simple to open and swift close. Better vistas and more flexibility are made possible by low installation.

Roof Window with Access

roof access roof window

Simple access to the roof for maintenance, emergencies, and egress. A locking mechanism keeps the sash open. Slim appearance of the sash and frame. It is a flap for ventilation. That can place as a right or left hinged.

Ceiling Balcony

Instant balcony. A door leading outside is a terrace. The top portion opens like a typical roof window.

roof balcony

Structural SkyLights

Structural Skylights offer a wide variety of premium glazing options and are built to be simple to install and attractive for a very long time.

structural skylights

Horizon SkyLights

The Pak Fab Commercial Horizon Series, which consists of polycarbonate panel systems, translucent wall systems, and canopy systems. Further, enables innovative daylighting solutions in distinctive designs.

horizon skylights

Dome Unit SkyLights

Dome Unit Skylights offer a number of daylighting options, including regular, circular, and glass-glazed units, among others. Moreover, these are a cost-effective substitute for custom skylighting systems.

dome unit skylights

Modular SkyLights

modular skylights modular skylights

Our modular skylights are make to let light and air through the roof to help create healthy, cosy, and useful indoor spaces. Moreover, our modular system comes with a number of functions for climate control, ventilation, and shading. And can set up to accommodate a variety of alternative skylight options.

In a variety of skylight configurations, modular skylights can combine to create the ideal solutions for a wide range of building types. Further, including studios, vast circulation areas, internal courts, and small corridors. A unique prefabricated flashing includes with every roof glazing solution to guarantee a flawless fit.

Types of SkyLights Shades

Room Darkening Shade of SkyLights

For spaces that need complete room darkness, such bedrooms, this double pleated or flat skylight curtain can turn day into night by blocking even the brightest sunlight. The skylight shade can be manually or solar-power, so there is no need for wiring when it is install. Simply snap into place, then use the provided keypad remote to activate.

Light Filtering Shade of SkyLights

light filtering shade of skylights

Direct sunlight is no longer an issue. The light that will enter your space is soften and diffuse by the Pak Fab light filtering skylight shade. Perfect for spaces like kitchens and living areas where diffuse lighting is sought. Provides both safety and beautiful appearance.

Venetian Shade of SkyLights

Venetian Skylights shades

With a control system that enables you to position the skylight blinds at any point on the window, the venetian skylight shade characteristics make operation simple and convenient. A room where aesthetics and light management are crucial might benefit greatly from improved designs that provide you control over both the amount and direction of light.



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