Airplane Hangars

An aeroplane or spacecraft hangar is a building or structure with such purpose. Concrete, wood, or metal are used to construct hangars. The word “hangar” is derived from the Middle French word “hanghart,” which means “enclosure around a house” and has Germanic roots. It is derived from the Frankish word “haimgard,” which means “home-enclosure” and “fence around a group of dwellings” (“yard”). The word “gard” derives from the Old Norse word “garr” (“enclosure, garden”).


In general, airship sheds or hangars are larger than typical airplane hangars, especially in height. The hydrogen gas that most early airships relied on to give them the necessary buoyancy for flight needed to be protected against stray sparks in order to prevent explosions. Chain-reaction explosions posed a threat to airship hangars that housed multiple airships. Because of this, only one or two hydrogen-based airships were intended to be stored in the majority of hangars.

Size of Airplane Hangars

Size Span(meters)
S Less than 30m
M 30m-60m
L 60m-90m
XL 90m-120m
XXL More than 120m

Types of Airplane Hangars

Single-plane hangars, corporate hangars, maintenance structures, shade ports, and multi-port tee hangar systems are all examples of types of hangars.

MRO Hangers

MRO Hangars

The maintenance, repair, and overhaul demands of our clients are taken into account while designing MRO hangars. We collaborate closely with end users to make sure the hangar’s dimensions, form, and design make the best use of the available area.

Aviation Storage

The clear spans and high translucent ceilings of aeroplane storage hangars offer users a bright, productive working environment. Pak Fab buildings are completely movable or expandable to accommodate shifting storage requirements.

Aviation Storage

Helicopter Hangars

Helicopters Hangars

The needs of helicopters are likewise perfectly met by Pak Fab aviation products. In order to shield their assets from the elements, we worked with clients in the police, military, air ambulance, and civil aviation sectors.

Light Aircraft Hangars

Light Aircraft

Our hangars are trusted by military, police, and civil organizations and are appropriate for both light and fixed wing aircraft.

Drone Hangars

Drone Hangars

Pak Fab hangar solutions are the ideal match for any unmanned endeavours, from military UAVs to commercial logistic drones.

Types of Aircraft Hangars Pak Fab Offers

30 X 40 Aircraft Hangars

30x40 Airplane Hangar

For those wishing to protect one of their most valued belongings, an aircraft, the 30×40 aeroplane hangar kit from Pak Fab is a fantastic choice. Our building kits’ clear span framing, which offers 1,200 square feet of uninterrupted, column-free space, gives them a considerable edge over conventional building materials. This eliminates curved walls and pillar beams, allowing you to make the most of your hangar’s space.

50 X 60 Aircraft Hangars

50x60 Airplane Hangar

Due to the column-free interior design that comes with steel construction, the 50×60 metal structure package is one of the most popular options for private aeroplane hangars. Due to the building’s design flexibility, aircraft owners can make the most of their area. Steel structure is a dependable and secure option for owners of private aircraft due to its effectiveness and durability.

80 X 100 Aircraft Hangars

80x100 Aircraft Hangar

For those wishing to protect their most priceless items, aeroplane owners might consider the 80×100 hangar building kit from Pak Fab. The clear span frame of our building kits’ steel construction, which offers 8,000 square feet of uninterrupted, column-free space, gives it a considerable edge over traditional building materials. No curved walls or pillar beams are allowed, which increases storage space.

100 X 125 Aircraft Hangars

100x125 Hangar Building

For owners of aircraft seeking to securely store multiple aircraft or related assets, the 100×125 hangar building kits from Pak Fab are a great choice. When compared to less durable traditional buildings like wood, steel construction offers a clear advantage due to its strength. A building kit from Pak Fab ensures a safe home for your assets while also providing maximum storage space due to clear span framing. This means no curved walls or pillar beams.

175 X 170 Aircraft Hangars

175x170 Airplane Hangar

A prefabricated steel construction package measuring 175×170 is suitable for use as an aviation hangar. A Pak Fab building’s clear span framing offers up to 300 square feet of column-free space, making it possible to fit things like trucks, aircraft, maintenance equipment, and more. You will collaborate closely with our knowledgeable team to plan the building’s layout so that it has all the elements required to ensure the security and upkeep of your priceless valuables.

240 X 250 Aircraft Hangars

240x250 Airplane Hangar

A common option for a huge private aircraft hangar is a 240×250 steel construction kit. Our structures’ clear span framework gives the aircraft and related equipment the most room possible. Create an aeroplane hangar that reflects your preferences and the needs of your assets by combining interior and exterior elements. You’ll collaborate closely with our skilled team to construct a hangar that can securely house all of your priceless possessions.


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