PU Sandwich Panels

PU Sandwich Panels are composite prefabricated building material is PU insulated panel. It is constructed of two metal sheets and a stiff core. Polyurethane, which is renowned for having high heat insulation capabilities, makes up the hard core. Polyurethane is the most widely used insulating material for chilly spaces and energy-efficient structures.


Two metal sheets are roll together to form panels, which increases their strength. Using a high pressure injection machine, liquid polyurethane is inject into the steel sheets that have been set into moulds. A stiff sandwich panel with great strength and outstanding insulating properties is creat by heating the panels in the moulds. Galvanized steel with a polythene layer on top and a pre-painted finish serves as the material for sheet metal. Due to its complete rust resistance, this gives the panel excellent insulation.


Properties of PU Sandwich Panels
Properties Value
Density kg/m2 40-45
Compression Resistance >100KPA
Tensile Strength >100KPA
Shear Resistance .100KPA
Maximum Thermal Conductivity 0.022-0.026
Water Absorbency >Less than the 1% of Volumn

Comparison of Alternative Insulation Materials and Polyurethane

Two metal sheets are roll shape into panels to boost the strength. A high pressure injection machine is use to inject liquid polyurethane into moulds that have fill with steel sheets. The panels are heated in the moulds to create a hard sandwich panel with great insulation and high strength. Galvanized steel that has already coat and has a polythene coating on top serves as the material for sheet metal. As a result, the panel has excellent insulation and is totally rust resistant. The ability of polyurethane to provide insulation is widely establish. Approximately 662 million kg of polyurethane are consume annually for insulating purposes worldwide. R-Values are frequently use to quantify insulation qualities.

Firesafe PU Panels

Pak Fab (Pvt) Ltd., a pioneer and innovator, is the only business in Pakistan offering design, production, installation, and maintenance of Ozone friendly & FireSafe PIR panels for diverse sectors.

A ground-breaking innovation in Pakistan that is raising the bar for steel building are the FireSafe PU panels by Pak fab.

Furthermore, investors, property insurers, designers, and contractors all highly regard PU Sandwich Panels for their unrivalled benefits. Pak fab is assisting in the preservation of the ozone layer and the eradication of one of the causes of cancer by ceasing the manufacturing of PU panels and moving to Ozone-friendly technologies.

Why Firesafe PU Sandwich Panels?

FirSafe PIR panels have an insulating effect that is 42 times greater than brick and 49 times greater than concrete. It helps to save 30% on energy and maintenance costs for the heating and air conditioning system as compared to conventional construction materials.

Panels don’t absorb moisture. It is waterproof and moisture-proof since it does not absorb moisture. Water leakage difficulties at joints are avoid via a strong assembly technique.

It is a simple, autonomous construction that is both light and sturdy.

The blowing agent in the production of conventional PU panels is 141B gas. According to the United Nations, one of the main causes of the ozone layer’s fracture is 141B. Cancer is also cause by 141B gas that is pump into PU panels.

The sole business in Pakistan to stop producing PU panels in favour of PIR panels made with environmentally friendly pentane gas is Pak Fab.

There is no flame propagation inside the panel core because panels are fireproof and flame resistant. Compared to PU panels and other construction materials, PU panel buildings are safer.

With panels that can stretch 50 feet, a core thickness of up to 250 mm, and a variety of colour possibilities. However, we offers maximum design freedom for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Benefits of PU Panels

Pak fab PU sandwich panels are design to be self-assemble, reducing construction time and expense.

  • Thermal conductivity remains constant over time.
  • No bending in the winter.
  • Compatible with sound.
  • It is a simple, autonomous construction that is both light and sturdy.

Applications of PU Panels

  • Prefabricated steel constructions of all types are applications for PU panels.
  • Cold Rooms
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Vehicles that are both chilled and not chilled
  • Divider Walls
  • Rooms Resistant to fire
  • Farm project storage facilities
  • Burning chemical processing plants
  • Hubs for packaging and distribution
  • Displays and shopping centres
  • Fitness and sports facilities
  • Stadiums
  • Prefabricated offices and classrooms



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