XPS Sandwich Panels

An insulating panel made of 100% recyclable materials is called XPS foam. It is made of non-degradable polystyrene that has been extruded. Very small closed cells used in the construction of the foam structure provide it exceptional mechanical and physical properties.


Polystyrene resin and a minimal number of additives are used in the heating and extrusion process to create Pak fab xps sandwich panels. This foam has a honeycomb structure and is rigid. It is extremely moisture resistant and waterproof because of its 100% closed cell structure.


XPS Sandwich Panels
Properties Unit Values
Density Kg/m3 32-43
Thermal conductivity, 90 days, 10°C W/mK 0.027~0.03
Compressive strength at 10% deflection or yields, (vertical) KPa ≥;300
Tensile Strength KPa ≥300
Water Absorption Vol-% >≤1.00%
Capillarity Nil >Nil
Coefficients of linear thermal expansion mm/mK >0.07
Temperature Limits °C >-50°C-70°C

Benefits of XPS Sandwich Panels

Heat Insulation Capability

As a result of its unique cell structure, XPS foam doesn’t conduct heat. Any heat that is emitted from the room or truck body will be reflected back towards the surface when XPS panels are used as a floor underlay or wall liner. Because less heat is wasted, you use less energy and leave a smaller carbon imprint.

Protection From Damp

Products made with XPS foam are also water-repellent. They aid in containing any moisture within the structure and never decay or support mould growth. Except for organic solvents, XPS panels can withstand exposure to cement, plaster, and most alkalis.


Furthermore, XPS foam has superior sound-insulating qualities, making the floor of your truck or room “quieter” to walk on. It is the perfect product because it lowers the level of sound transmission.

Applications of XPS Sandwich Panels

The principal application for XPS foam board is thermal insulation, which includes wall panels for buildings, cold rooms, RV bodies, and refrigerated vehicle bodies.

PakFab Customized Services are offered for Your Products.

  • Length, Width, and Thickness.
  • Color.
  • Cutting for forms.
  • Surface modifications include smoothing, embossing, intentionally roughening, and ornamental mortar coating.




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