EPS Sandwich Panels

EPS Cement Sandwich Panels are a type of lightweight, energy-efficient wall material that have a core made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam and a face panel made of cement calcium silicate or reinforced calcium silicate board.


Due to its dry construction method and energy-saving features. Moreover, the introduction of this breakthrough EPS Sandwich Panels has replace the use of traditional brick/block masonry in partition walls. Composite wall panels are simple to install, which speeds up construction. They take up less room, hence increasing the amount of available floor space, which can eventually result in economic advantages. They can endure seismic activity and are built to withstand fire, sound, water, and dampness.


Properties of EPS Panels
Properties Value Unit
Size 2440 x 610 mm
Thickness 100 mm
Weight of Panels ~60 kg/m2
Fire Endurance 4 hrs
Sound Insulation 42 dB
Thermal Coefficient <0.5 W/m2.K
Hanging Load 50 kg

Benefits of EPS Panels

Due to the following advantages, EPS Panels are the material of choice for contemporary building and outperform conventional construction methods:

Eco Friendly

EPS Sandwich Panels are an environmentally friendly material since they are recyclable and can be reused, which lowers the building’s overall carbon footprint.

Quick Construction

The wall is made entirely of dry, manufactured work. Because the wall panel has a high level of quality, plaster is not necessary. When compared to brick/block masonry, the wall panel’s construction pace can be accelerated by more than 20 times, speeding up the process and maximizing return on investment.


The lightweight EPS fills the wall board’s core material, decreasing the weight of the wall and ultimately the entire structure. Moreover, lightweight wall panels are 1/5 the weight of a conventional 113mm thick brick wall, which results in smaller structural components and foundations and the most cost-effective structure.


Because they are made of non-combustible material, these panels offer excellent fire resistance qualities. As they contain the fire, smoke, and toxic gas within the fire region to stop the fire from spreading, they operate satisfactorily under fire for more than four hours.

Heat Preservation

It can maintain a stable indoor temperature and significantly improve the environment with a good heat insulation and preservation function.

Sound Insulation

Effective noise reduction, sound absorption, and sound insulation features. Compared to standard stone walls, 100mm thick wall panels offer sound insulation of up to 42dB, a significant improvement.

Hanging Loads & Stickability

To hang large objects, expansion bolts can be put in the wall material board or it is possible to use nails. The hanging strength at one point exceeds 50 kg. Because the board’s surface is smooth and ash-free, it can be cover with ceramic tile, wall paper, paint, wood panel, and other materials.

Larger Usage Area

However, the board’s thickness of 100mm helps to conserve construction area as compare to the more conventional block or brick.

Moisture Proof & Waterproof

Because the lightweight wall panels have high moisture- and water-resistant qualities. In this way, they can use in damp regions like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, among other places.

Anti-Pressure, Anti-Earthquack, & Anti-Impact

However, they are suggest for seismic resistant construction due to their light weight and tongue and grove joint.



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