Rock Wool Sheets

A binder is used to organize glass fibers into a structure resembling wool to create the insulating substance known as rock wool sheets. The procedure creates a lot of tiny air gaps between the glass, and these air pockets have excellent thermal insulation capabilities.


High-quality basalt with a melting point of 1000°C is used to make rock wool sheets, which has good effects on heat insulation and sound absorption. It has excellent fire resistance, insect resistance, corrosion resistance, stable chemical qualities, is devoid of asbestos, and is suitable for use on people’s bodies.

  • Low heat conductivity coefficient and strong ability to maintain heat.
  • Outstanding result of energy conservation.
  • Excellent capacity to resist flames. Exceptional capacity for sound insulation and sound absorption.
  • Environmentally friendly and healthy materials for thermal insulation
  • Waterproof.
  • The folded rock wool board has outstanding increased durability, greater drawing strength, and some compression resistance. It also tends not to peel off.
Properties of Rock Wool Sheet
Performance Indicators
Shot content ( Particle diameter ≥0.25mm) ≤12.0%
The average diameter of fiber ≤7.0um
Density Tolerence ∓;15%
Thermal Conductivity ≤0.044
Thermal Load Contraction Temperature ≤600°C
Moisture 0.5%
Combustion Performance Not Burning
Organic Content ≤4.0%

Applications of Rock Wool Insulation Sheets

Rock Wool Sheets use in Construction wall, roof, industrial furnace, oven, heat-treating equipment, storage tank, storage groove, power house, flue, petrification and oil refining equipment, and all types of pipelines for staying warm and heat insulation all require insulation materials.

Benefits of Rock Wool Insulation Sheets

Effective Thermal Insulation Reduce Energy Consumption

Using effective thermal insulation to save energy consumption, keeping staff safe from heat surfaces, and by minimizing variations in temperature in buildings, making the workplace safer environment, while enhancing one’s own efficient and comfortable.

Protect from Noise Pollution

Effective audible shielding improves personal comfort and privacy in the work-home environment while minimizing noise pollution and creating a safer work environment in locations where noise could cause hearing loss.

Rockwool Sheets are firesafe

Due to its incombustibility, rockwool can be used in some applications as a fire barrier to safeguard people or the general public in the event of a fire.

Moisture Free

With a neutral pH and no atmospheric moisture absorption, there is no chance of the product corroding or dangerous chemicals leaking out.


Lightweight, simple to install, and resistant to settling.


Long-term insulation effectiveness that has been demonstrated and the most economical.

Medical Research

Based on substantial medical study, safe use.



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